Welcome to the Physics Department

Physics explores how the universe works, addressing questions both practical and profound.  Examples abound:  GPS systems (orbital mechanics, relativity), MRI scans (electromagnetism, quantum mechanics) and even the origin and ultimate fate of the universe (astrophysics, cosmology) are all inquiries about which physics has something important and useful to say.  The study of physics is really the exploration of science at its most fundamental level.

At St. Thomas, we emphasize a broad understanding and appreciation of physics while cultivating the problem-solving skills essential for a successful career grounded in science.    We provide a high degree of personal attention to foster a familial, yet rigorous, educational atmosphere that is conducive to enjoyable and meaningful learning.  Your analytical, experimental, computational, and communication skills will flourish as you work your way through the curriculum.  In the laboratory, you will use state-of-the-art instrumentation while investigating a wide variety of systems.  Outside of class, opportunities are available to collaborate with faculty on research projects during the school year and over the summer.