This extension module defines Python type pygame.Surfacepygame object for representing images.

Header file: src_c/include/pygame.h


A pygame.Surface instance.

PyTypeObject *pgSurface_Type

The pygame.Surface Python type.

int pgSurface_Check(PyObject *x)

Return true if x is a pygame.Surface instance

Will return false if x is a subclass of Surface. This is a macro. No check is made that x is not NULL.

PyObject* pgSurface_New(SDL_Surface *s)

Return a new new pygame surface instance for SDL surface s. Return NULL on error.

SDL_Surface* pgSurface_AsSurface(PyObject *x)

Return a pointer the SDL surface represented by the pygame Surface instance x.

This is a macro. Argument x is assumed to be a Surface, or subclass of Surface, instance.

int pgSurface_Blit(PyObject *dstobj, PyObject *srcobj, SDL_Rect *dstrect, SDL_Rect *srcrect, int the_args)

Blit the srcrect portion of Surface srcobj onto Surface dstobj at srcobj

Argument the_args indicates the type of blit to perform: Normal blit (0), PYGAME_BLEND_ADD, PYGAME_BLEND_SUB, PYGAME_BLEND_SUB, PYGAME_BLEND_MULT, PYGAME_BLEND_MIN, PYGAME_BLEND_MAX, PYGAME_BLEND_RGBA_ADD, PYGAME_BLEND_RGBA_SUB, PYGAME_BLEND_RGBA_MULT, PYGAME_BLEND_RGBA_MIN, PYGAME_BLEND_RGBA_MAX, and PYGAME_BLEND_PREMULTIPLIED. Argument dstrect is updated to the actual area on dstobj affected by the blit.

The C version of the pygame.Surface.blit() method. Return 1 on success, 0 on an exception.

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