File Path Function Arguments

A pygame function or method which takes a file path argument will accept either a Unicode or a byte — 8-bit or ASCII character — string. Unicode strings are translated to Python's default filesystem encoding, as returned by sys.getfilesystemencoding(). A Unicode code point above U+FFFF — 'uFFFF' — can be coded directly with a 32-bit escape sequences — 'Uxxxxxxxx' — , even for Python interpreters built with an UCS-2 (16-bit character) Unicode type. Byte strings are passed to the operating system unchanged.

Null characters — 'x00' — are not permitted in the path, raising an exception. An exception is also raised if an Unicode file path cannot be encoded. How UTF-16 surrogate codes are handled is Python-interpreter-dependent. Use UTF-32 code points and 32-bit escape sequences instead. The exception types are function-dependent.

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